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Cristina Martínez Pinilla
Cristina Martínez
Partner – Head of
Strategy Services

I am Cristina Martinez,

a graduate in Economics from the University of the Basque Country, with a Masters in Business Administration, specialising in Marketing, from the University of Mondragon.

I began my career at the Caja Laboral bank and joined OPE Consultants in 1994, where I specialize in strategic consultancy and business models. I dedicate my efforts to developing processes of reflection and the planning and implementation of strategy, accompanying companies in processes of collaboration, mergers, developing feasibility studies for new businesses, setting them up, and supporting them in the analysis and development of their business model both for today and tomorrow.

In 1999, I became a partner in OPE Consultants, taking over the direction and development of multisectorial projects in my areas of expertise.

Rafa Etxezarreta
Rafa Etxezarreta
Founder Partner - Director

My name is Rafa Etxezarreta,

and I am the senior consultant in our group. Not surprisingly, I am one of the founders of OPE Consultants, which we started up in 1984 – also a time of crisis. Since the beginning of my career as a consultant, this is the third major crisis it has been my lot to live through, and in the best possible sense of the phrase, I hope it will not be the last.

I graduated in Economics from the University of Deusto (ESTE, San Sebastián) and my professional career has focused primarily on the areas of economic and financial strategy.

Both before and since becoming a consultant, I have worked, among other things, in managerial roles in the paper industry, shipping, the export-import trade and pharmaceutical distribution.
A special feature of my job as a consultant is my involvement as a manager in the implementation of certain projects which are unique to Donostia - San Sebastian, such as the Illumbe Leisure Centre with its bullring, the new market of San Martin, and the Tabakalera Cultural Center.

Elixabete Iriondo
Elixabete Iriondo
Partner - Consultant

I am Elixabete Iriondo,

a graduate in Industrial Engineering, specializing in Organization, from the University of Navarra (TECNUN) and certified as Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

My first professional experience was in the Department of Metallic Materials at INASMET (technological center). Two years later (1995), I joined OPE Consultants as a consultant and became a partner in 1999.

The first years I participated in project to implement quality management systems and systematization and process improvemente; as well as a consultant and project manager. Througout these years, as our services and our organization have evolved, I have been sitting up to projects in the field or organizational development: diagnosis and organizational change, project management, people management, etc.


Aritz Otsoa
Aritz Otsoa de Eribe
Consultant –
Head of Sales and Marketing

My name is Aritz Otsoa de Eribe,

and I have been working for OPE Consultants since 2010 as a consultant (or facilitator, as I prefer to say) specializing in Strategy, Sales and Marketing. Up till now, to give a brief summary, I have participated in projects in four major areas: strategy, mergers/integrations, financial economic analysis, and business models - all with a strongly commercial bent.

Before joining this exciting project, I developed professionally and personally at the ILEVEN consultancy company in Madrid. I spent six years there, and in that time I acquired knowledge and gained varied experience in projects related to the areas of Sales & Marketing and Organizational Development with FMCG companies with nationwide distribution. Standout projects have included the design of business models, management and sales tools for large commercial operations, and the design and launch of a technological product in large supermarket chains and specialist outlets. Prominent clients have included Coca Cola, Pepsico-Matutano, Kellogg's, Bacardi, the Osborne Group, and Coty Astor.

My academic background includes a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Strategic Management, both studied at the University of Deusto in San Sebastian.

I speak two languages, Euskara (native) and English (1 year abroad), and on the personal level I would best describe myself in four words: demanding, observant, sociable and forward-thinking.

Miguel Etxezarreta
Miguel Etxezarreta
Founder Partner - Director

My name is Miguel Etxezarreta.

I worked for 10 years as Chief Financial Officer for two cooperatives of the MCC group and at the Hospital of Gipuzkoa before joining OPE Consultants. I have over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and partner of OPE, and have participated in projects in the areas of strategy, organizational change, and management accountability, and as a non-executive adviser in client companies.

I have combined my consultancy activity with teaching at the University of Deusto since 1992, and am currently a member of the Board of Directors and the Governing Council of OPE Consultants.

Ainhoa Zatarain
Ainhoa Zatarain
Partner – Head of
Organization Services

I am Ainhoa Zatarain

I graduated in Engineering in Industrial Organization from the University of Navarra (TECNUN), completing my training with the Executive MBA of the University of Deusto (ESTE, 2004). My professional career began with implementing quality management systems in the transport sector (La Guipuzcoana) and then in construction (Guillermo Ibargoyen).

Since joining the team of OPE Consultants in 2000, I have participated mainly in projects concerning quality assurance, organization, and people management, first as a consultant and later as project manager. I complement such activity from time to time with the development of strategic projects. In 2001 I became a partner at OPE, taking on responsibility for Organization Services. I am currently on the Board of Directors.

Gonzalo Serrats Urrecha
Gonzalo Serrats
Partner – Head of
People Management Services

Hello, I am Gonzalo Serrats Urrecha

I include my second surname so that my mother is not left out of the picture.

I've been in OPE Consultants since 1994, both as a partner and member of its Board of Directors since the last century.

My goals are to help OPE Consultants to make the most of a different and exciting reality, to serve people and their organizations with honesty, and to provide ways of doing things in such a way that passion and joy are always present. That's what moves me, and that’s what I believe in, even if I do not always achieve it.

I endeavour to help organizations make the most of the talent that people have to offer, through mutual confidence and trust.

Since joining OPE Consultants, I have specialized in organizational development, people management, the development and building of management teams, and the setting up of collaborative projects.

I am also a lecturer on various university Masters courses in Human Resources, internal communication, management of change and skills development.

I like new things, people, nature, and history, and am currently engaged in writing an essay on the Napoleonic era.

Marga García
Marga García
Partner – Administrative Manager

Hello, I am Marga Garcia

I have been working at OPE Consultants since its creation in 1984 as Managerial Secretary. Currently I am responsible for Administration and Purchasing.
I became a partner in 2000.

I have become increasingly involved in external projects, and am currently working on the administration of a number of special undertakings.

Qualifications: Administration and Management Technician and Managerial Secretary
Previous experience: Skill Management Advisors, the Lorea Group (General Services) and Label Auditors.

Iñaki Garagorri
Iñaki Garagorri
Partner and Managing Director –
Head of Innovation Services

My name is Iñaki Garagorri.

I started working in the economic and financial world (banking, consultancy), after which I developed my career in industrial innovation before joining the OPE Consultants team in 2003 as a consultant in organizational and people management. Over time, I have also oriented my activities toward projects in the area of strategy, business development and innovation.

I am a partner in OPE Consultants and have been its Managing Director since September 2010. I have been combining consultancy with my work as a university lecturer, and in the little free time I have left, I am doing my PhD in business model innovation.

Qualifications: Degree in Business Administration (University of the Basque Country), MBA (University of Mondragon), PhD (in progress, University of Deusto).
Previous experience: University of the Basque Country, Industrias Tajo, Arthur Andersen, Kutxa, Caja Laboral.

Jone García

My name is Jone Garcia.

My name is Jone Garcia. I graduated in Humanities and Business from the University of Deusto, and I am an Expert in Personal al Professional Coaching from IEC.

My work at OPE Consultants focuses on the area of management of people, because I believe they are what really makes organizations work. In my professional carreer, I have worked with many organzation, bigger and smaller companies, non profit organizations... in which I have tried to provide a new and dynamic perspective in the management of people, working with the more human aspects of organizations.

I hope to be able to contribute, through OPE, to the creation of healthier organizations around us, where there would be new ways of working and where people could find a place for both personal and professional growth.

Juan Ramón Oyarzabal
Head of the ALBOAN Service

My name is Juan Ramón Oyarzábal

I am a graduate in Industrial Engineering from ETSII (University of Navarra). My entire professional career has been linked to industrial activity, from the beginning in the late '80s as an engineer for the French multinational Elf Atochem, until today as a director of action teams in SMEs.

My knowledge of business management has built on my experience of various kinds as Director General of PRODEMA SA, non-executive director of the MADME Industrial Group and various SMEs, and as a founding partner of OACI.

My orientation toward activity in industrial companies, with dozens of interventions to my name, led to my joining OPE Consultants in 2012, participating in the creation of the Alboan Service.

It is difficult to explain the satisfaction I feel in being able to help our companies not only with regard to overall improvement, but also in overcoming the enormous difficulties that the market confronts them with.


Rafael Vega
Head of OPE Insitu

My name is Rafael Vega

I hold a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Navarra and a Masters in Business Management from the University of Deusto. I have extensive experience in the industrial business environment of the Basque Country, where for more than 30 years I have developed management initiatives in different departments and companies. Since 1996 I have worked as CEO in companies in the furniture and metal sector.

I am a founding member of OPE Insitu, a company of the group which is dedicated to direct interventions in companies, and where I run the Interim Management activities. This consists in joining the management teams of our clients, working alongside them to develop or unblock complex strategic management initiatives.

My goal is to be of the greatest use to the greatest number of companies, facilitating the viability of projects that present challenging uncertainties.


Borja Esnaola
Borja Esnaola
Junior Consultant

I am Borja Esnaola Aguirre,

I introduce myself as the new member of the OPE Consultores team.

A few years ago, after thinking about my future, I decided to look forward to being an Industrial Engineer, what would mean to take the Degree of Industrial Technology Engineering and the Master in Industrial Engineering. During this exciting adventure I had the chance to work in an IT start-up, to be part of the engineering department of a company in the metal industry and even to stay six months studying in Stockholm (we were freezing up there).

After almost 1 year working in OPE with my Masters Project, they offered me to join the consulting team. I could not let go of such an opportunity.

My commitment is focused on the areas of Strategy and Organization, trying to provide innovative and useful solutions to our customers.


Joaquin Lizundia
Joaquin Lizundia
Head of Production

I am Joaquin Lizundia,

Industrial Engineer by the University of Navarra (TECNUN '97) and PMP (Project Management Professional) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2014.

Since 1997 I have developed my professional career in the field of industrial consulting, specialized in Lean Manufacturing and in the implementation of new facilities.

I have developed projects in many industries and technologies, among which we can highlight: Equipment, Subcontracting (machining, welding, sheet metal processing, ...), Wood, Paper, Food, Plastic Injection, Foundry or Forge.

After collaborating with OPE Consultores in several projects during last years, they offered me to join their team to lead the manufacturing area. I decided to join OPE because of their experience in Organization and in Management of People, what allows me to optimize the results of the industrial improvement teams: the commitment and involvement of its members.

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