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"Not even the most advanced technology can match the efforts of a group of people working towards a common goal. People are unstoppable when they are moved by a common vision and have the power and tools to achieve it"
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Over the last five years the world has changed more than in the last fifty. The acceleration of the transformation is exponential in virtually all areas - social, scientific, technological, and of course, in business. It is a revolution that has changed behaviors, habits of consumption, and, by extension, many business models.

The old ways of thinking have become obsolete and ineffective against this new reality - a reality of which we are part and parcel, which we embrace wholeheartedly, which animates and challenges us both personally and professionally.

These are times of change that require a new attitude, a different perspective and new tools for the creation, management, and achievement of effective results.

We at OPE Consultants are well aware of this, and that’s why we have developed our specific lines of intervention: Strategy, Innovation, Production, Organization and People Management. These areas are articulated and synthesised according to the needs of each project and each client. OPE Consultants has a team of highly qualified professionals specializing in various disciplines. A team with the knowhow to help the directors of companies and organizations with their strategic development, optimization and organizational redesign.

OPE Consultants do not just make do with standard solutions - we create answers to meet every need, providing added value to our clients, accompanying them, sharing risks, as true strategic partners, as companions on the same journey.

These are our distinguishing features - those which make us stand out from the rest.

  • OPE Consultores (Donostia)
    Zuatzu 4-piso 2-local 1(Edificio Easo)
    20018 Donostia-San Sebastian
    tel: +34 943 316 115
  • OPE Consultores (Pamplona)
    Emilio Arrieta, 11 BIS - Planta 5ª – Oficina 2
    31002 Pamplona
    tel: +34 637 589 169
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