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Value analysis, waste disposal and continuous improvement are key factors in improving the efficiency of processes and increasing the competitiveness of organizations.
# Lean Manufacturing
The increase in competitiveness is achieved by implementing processes that report the maximum value for customers. For that, the premises of
the provided products or services must meet the requirements of the client, with the minimum consumption of resources and in the shortest possible time.
# Industrial dashboard
What is not measured cannot be improved. Advanced organizations must have the dashboard that allows them to manage the set of key
performance indicators (KPIs) necessary for the early identification of improvement actions in the industrial field.
# Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE
The OEE indicator (KPI) disaggregates information on Availability, Performance and Quality of processes. The trend of each of these
indicators provides information on planning systems, maintenance, process standardization, flexibility, order and cleanliness, and so on.
# Production Planning
The planning system is the mechanism by which, through a load - capacity study, the production and delivery deadlines of the orders or
the released manufacturing orders are assigned. The planning system is based on horizons (long, medium and short term) and levels at which the relationship between workload and resource capacity is established. In case of disequilibrium, there are clear criteria for establishing the balance load-capacity by increasing or decreasing resources or by reallocation of lead times.
# Value analysis
Customers are only willing to pay for the features or specifications they expect and want from a product or service. The value analysis allows
to relate each of the benefits or specifications with their productive costs.
# Efficient processes
The analysis of the flow of value and activities allows to identify the waste (Muda) that obstruct the processes efficiency. Identifying wastes
reveals applicable tools for improving manufacturing: 5S, SMED, TPM, Pull Planning,or Takt Time.

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