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Some people think that everything has already been invented. Meanwhile, the non-conformists continue to innovate.

# Innovation in business models
Identification, development and exploitation of new business opportunities (product/service, market, business model, ...) to overcome the exisisting barriers, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve outcomes. 
In collaboration with BANPRO-OBETO, we help reducing the failure rate in the launch of new products or services. Evidence shows that we buy emotionally, and rationalization is a mechanism used as justification. Taking advantage of neuroscience techniques (eyetracking, HRV, EEG, etc.) and complementing them with traditional marketing techniques, enables us to know what excites the customer and therefore what moves them to purchase.  

# Innovation Management
Advice to accelerate time-to-market: open innovation, expeditionary marketing, rapid prototyping, ... Development of initiative capacity though replicable processes as they adapt and integrate into the culture and management model of the organization.
# Competitive Intelligence
Implementation of a made-to-measure intelligence system, in alliance with Infocenter, so as to systematize the searching, processing, distribution, understanding, use and protection of information about the competitive and technological environment within which the organization operates
# Learn how to grow
Support process for SMEs to learn how to grow in turbulent environements quantitatively (billing/turnover, profitability, productivity, ...) and qualitatively (dynamic capabilities, release management, empowerment, ...)

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