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Managed properly, today more than ever people are the capital that differentiates some organizations from others.

# Commitment management
In the ways of organizational development, in which many organizations are involved, benefit from the maximum advantage of talent and abilities of people is a major concern. The level of commitment is a factor strongly correlated with organizational results (scientifically proven). OPE Consultants offers great experience and commitment management model, focusing on the intervention and on the change of key factors. 
# Development of Management Teams
Enhancing the working methods in effective and cohesive teams within steering committees or similar, in a way to work on developing key management skills and leading a successful organizational project. 
# Individual development system
Implementation of coherent and effective systems, away from the word "evaluation" and very close to the real development of people. Implementation of performance appraisal system, tailored to each organization, context and developmental stage. 
# Competency Management
Competency management is a 360-degree approach that can be oriented toward selection, training, evaluation, recognition, compensation, communication, leadership development, etc.
# Internal Communication and Knowledge Management
Development and improvement of communication systems within a company - a key factor in the effective functioning and evolution of any organization.
# Leadership
Identifying the strategic behaviors of leadership and training through group sessions, evaluation and deployment in organizations.
# Motivation of People
In the organizational development paths in which many companies are immersed, making the most of the talents and abilities of people is a major concern. OPE Consultants offers wide experience in systems analysis, identification of priority actions and their implementation.
# Individual and team coaching
Personal and team growth process, related to their executive role: Exploration of the objectives desired by the client and the reality from which we started. Awarness of his person, of his role in the organization, and of the system in which he is located. Analysis of personal resources and generation of policy options. Design and implementation of the action plan for personal change.
# Compensation and Recognition Systems
Implementation of remuneration systems based on internal and external consistency. Variable remuneration systems that push people's commitment. Adequate remuneration and recognition systems to individuals in your organization and mutually beneficial systems.

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