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In contrast to traditional methods, OPE Consultants establishes a firm footing for successful strategies.


# Strategic Reflection
Support in processes of development and implementation of the strategy, identifying the axes of future development to improve the company's competitive position, the most appropriate business model for its achievements, and its effective implementation in the organization. For companies, it is relatively easy to point a position and establish goals and objectives to achieve the defined vision. The difficult part is in responding to: how do I actually take daily operations? How is it integrated to the annual Management Plan? We help in the effective implementation of the company's strategy, making it become the working model that people follow everyday. 
# Business Model
Analysis, optimization and rethinking of ways of doing business organization, serving both main and complementary activities (new lines of diversification).
# Strategic marketing and operational plans
Development or optimization of the business process, adapted to the degree of progress in which the function is on the client. We all need to sell more, but if improvements do not respond to deliberate actions, planned and quantified, we will never really evolve. We work on areas such as: market opportunities, diversification options, value proposition by business activity, capturing objectives, business organization, budget and indicators, etc. that pull sales towards the clients objectives. 
# Balanced Scorecard
Implementation of the methodology developed by Kaplan and Norton, optimizing the communication process and the deployment of strategy by the organization.
# Economic and financial consulting
Integral advice to companies in all type of societal and corporate operations to ensure business continuity: Management Buy Out or Management Buy In (MBO-MBI) processes, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and valuations of companies and shareholdings. 
# External support for management teams and governing councils
OPE Consultants offers its clients the experience of professionals in consultancy and business management.
# Generational shift
Support handover processes to the following generations. Taking of the shareholding by the company's directors or employees.
# Formulas for business collaboration
Promoting business cooperation in various forms (collaboration networks, alliances, mergers, etc.) and by our own methodologies, thus addressing possible access to new business opportunities, gain in size and competitiveness, develop new markets, etc. 


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