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Learning to grow

LEARNING TO GROW in the Highlands of Urola Valley

Learn To Grow is a methodology developed by the German professor Klaus North who pursed, in a combined way, growth and learning in businesses in order to generate dynamic capabilities and sustain competitive advantages in turbulent environments. With the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkua, we have developed between 2012 and 2014 growth projects in 9 SMEs in the region of Urola Garaia and in 8 SMEs in the region of Buruntzaldea, working with the help of the development agency UGGASA, the City of Andoain and BIB, S. Coop. Further information about Learn to Grow in www.haztenikasi.net



DOMOALERT - Technology for home safety 

Domoalert is an innovative start-up founded in 2012 in order to revolutionize the field of home automation and to make it available to the general public, innovatively combining different technological advances, drawing on the strenghts and functionalities, eliminating entry barriers through practical, simple to install and use, and economical solutions. More information about Domoalert in https://domoalert.com 

AKABA – Implantación de un sistema de gestión de la innovación

AKABA - Implementation of a system of innovation management

Consolidation of the Innovation Workgroup as a body that leads and coordinates the innovation management cycle in AKABA, identifying and starting to develop various innovation projects.

CÁMARA DE GIPUZKOA – Modelo de negocio para www.gipuzkoamarket.com

GIPUZKOA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Business model for www.gipuzkoamarket.com

Definition of an innovative business model for an innovative initiative to boost marketing activity.

CEG – Nuevo modelo de negocio

CEG - New business model

Definition of a new business model oriented toward introducing a new product into new markets.

CONSERVAS SERRATS – Al filo de la innovación

CONSERVAS SERRATS – At the cutting edge of innovation

Innovation process leading to the introduction of new products and diversification of existing products, new brand positioning, promotion of an online distribution channel without intermediaries, in-house development of machinery to automate production processes, and a search for partners to break into the US market.

DIPUTACIÓN FORAL DE ÁLAVA – Plan DEIKA, Diversificación Económica de la Industria Clave Alavesa

PROVINCIAL COUNCIL OF ALAVA - DEIKA Plan, Economic Diversification of Key Industries in Alava

Empowering a group of leading companies in key sectors of the province to establish the optimum use of current resources and capabilities, along with setting up new business opportunities.

DIPUTACIÓN FORAL DE GIPUZKOA – Definición y puesta en marcha de Mintzola Fundazioa

PROVINCIAL COUNCIL OF GIPUZKOA - Definition and implementation of Mintzola Fundazioa

The establishment of an innovative programme of research into orality, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, the Town Council of Villabona, Euskal Herriko Bertsozale Elkartea, the University of the Basque Country, the Kutxa bank and the Basque Government.


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