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Success stories – Organization

EMAÚS FUNDACIÓN SOCIAL  – Development of a participative organizational model 

Emaus is an organization which aim is to change the world for a more caring, fairer and more equitable society. Having made a strategic reflection, OPE Consultants has supported them in the development of an organizational model allowing greater focus on people. This work has been developed using participatory methodologies and seeking a broad consensus, consistent with the objective pursued by the project itself.

HORNOS ARROLA – Organizational Development

HORNOS ARROLA is an organization that develops projects of heat treatment facilities for various sectors. ARROLA, with the support of OPE Consultants, has developed a more approriate organization to achieve its strategy, by helping key people to grow in the organization.

IAMETZA INTERAKTIBOA – Business and organizational innovation 

IAMETZA is an organization in Ametzagaina Taldea, focused on boosting interactive communication. IAMETZAs management team, with the support of OPE Consultants, has opted for a new business, and was looking for consistency with this decision and looking forward to develop a more mature organization, had innovated its business model and internal organization. This project has been developed entirely in Basque.

HIJOS DE JUAN DE GARAY – Optimization of indirect areas  

Company providing steel tubs, tubular components for automative companies, brass bars and rods. OPE Consultants has helped Garay in redefining areas, resonsibilities and operation of all those indirect individuals, in order to adapt to market demands flexibiliy and hence their factory.


MATIA FUNDAZIOA – Optimization of administrative processes   

MATIA foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of seniors and disabled. MATIA Foundation has worked with OPE Consultats in optimizing their central processes services in order to improve efficiency, ensuring services for users.



INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY CULTURE (CICC) - Development of the organizational model

Design and implementation of optimal organizational model for the development of the agreed Operational Plan for the CICC project, implementing a model based on project management and organizational principles consistent with it.

IBARMIA – Diseño y propuesta del modelo organizativo

IBARMIA - Design and proposal of organizational model

Design of the organizational model according to strategic analysis and rethinking of the business model in IBARMIA, determining the management model, organizational structure, decision-making bodies, responsibilities, etc..

ELKAR – Diseño y propuesta del modelo organizativo (Proyecto Elkarrekin)

ELKAR - Design and proposal of organizational model (Elkarrekin Project)

Determination of the organizational model for the Elkar Group with regard to its area of commercial activity, giving coherence and consistency to its strategy and the design of its governing bodies, and identifying priority lines of action to improve organization and management.

PASCUAL CHURRUCA – Optimización organizativa

PASCUAL CHURRUCA - Organizational Optimization

Faced with a complicated target market, an analysis was carried out, along with subsequent decision-making and the implementation of a set of measures designed to make the organization efficient in improving business results.

INTEGRACIÓN DE AFM-AMT – Reestructuración organizativa

AFM-AMT Integration - Organizational Restructuring

Organizational proposal for the entity made up of the AFM cluster and the AMT association, after organizational analysis of each and the definition of the strategy of the future project, establishing the structure of the Board of Directors and its statutes, organizational structure, decision-making bodies, etc.

FONDO FORMACIÓN DE EUSKADI – Gestión por  proyectos (Proyecto SUMMA)

BASQUE COUNTRY TRAINING FUND - Management of projects (SUMMA project)

Definition of the organizational model based on project management, identifying responsibilities, functions, and decision-making bodies, and designing a scheme to follow based on the PMBOK methodology for correct operation.

TALLERES BIDEGAIN – Estrategia y Organización

TALLERES BIDEGAIN – Strategy and Organization

Definition of the organizational model which garantee both improved internal efficiency and the development of new businesses, identifying those projects to implement changes to tis successful implemention. 


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