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Success stories – People

HEGAN – Competencies Management 

HEGAN is the cluster which brings together the Basque aeronautics and space industries, founded to represent and to boost the sector. The cluster organization has launched a "Skills Management System" in order to encourage and direct the development of people, and also to be more efficient in meeting its objectives. OPE Consultants has carried them through the process of designing and implementing the system, in a way that they have been integrated into management practices.

HEGAN – Managers learning communities in Aeronautics

Learning Community for managers of the aviation sector (Hegan), "is an experienced process by a group of people who have joind forces to develop themselves together with others, in which the group's members have similar roles in their respective organizations" A different experience, where the protagonist is everyone, the team. The collaboration between Evocalia and OPE Consultants, is serving to work on the development of the comunity and also to build a network of relationships of trust, that allows the solid conversion of the cooperation to competitive advantage. 

EGUMENDI Y BODEGAS ITSASMENDI – Development of the Management Team

Egumendi and Bodegas Itsasmendi are two examples of different profile companies that have recently worked on the development of their management teams. In both cases, they have had an expert consultant who has been introduced to the daily dynamics of the management team, in order to analyze, propose and facilitate changes from the inside. This coaching work allows developing new routines in their own context in which the team usually works, making them integrate more easily.

FUNDICIONES DEL ESTANDA – Development of the internal communication 

Company specialized in engineering solutions for the sectors of Cement, Automotive, Railway and Public Works, with a high percentage of exports to almost all countries around the world. Express diagnostic of the internal communication. Intervention in the creation of a map of communication and its launch, starting with the complementation of new culture in meetings management, training key people and working on change behavior, implementation of a system for communicating key information to the entire organization using screens placed in the plant.

EMUN – Developing systems for managing people: Remuneration System and Knowledge Management Routines   

Emun is a cooperative whose aim is to work for the normalization of the situation of the Basque language in our environment. Today, they respond to societal needs, working in the areas of language standardization, culture, diversity and participation. Accompanied by OPE Consultants, Emun has worked on various lines of people management, aligning them to their organizational culture. Specifically, the retribution and compensation system has been developed, adapting to the new organizational situation, and also to the knowledge management routines, optimizing the transfer of knowledge between people, to take full advantage of the exisisting talent in the organization. This project has been developed entirely in Basque.

HOTEL DE LONDRES Y DE INGLARERRA – Stylish Management Practices

Emblematic 4* hotel located in San Sebastian, with more than 100 years of history, at the edge of the beach of La Concha. Londres Hotel, in the context of the renovation of its facilities, has worked with OPE Consultats for renewing the Hotel and for creating a unique experience for their customers. We worked on a customer oriented culture, on behavior change and also on creating routines that reflect the identity and values of the organization from people and supported by management practicies chords.

VERA-CRUZ – Prioritization in People Management

Vera-Cruz Ikastetxea School is located in Vitoria, and its ownership is held by the femal religious congregation of the Mercedaria Missionaries of Bérriz and at the same time belongs to the association Kristau Eskola. The aim of this mission was to identify priorities to work on the management of the people of the school. Through the participation of various working groups of professionals, but also by taking into account the viewpoints of all working people, the basic lines of action in the short and medium term had been defined. 

GRUPO PEGAMO – Variable Remuneration System, Consistent with the People Management System

The PEGAMO Industrial Group counts five companies specialized in Industrial Supplies, Handling Materials, Rail Equipment, Special Machinery and Cutting and Drilling Equipment. The PEGAMO Group has launched a line of work in order to enhance people commitment, though a system of variable remuneration linked to organizational performance. In parallel, we have also worked on the communication and the development of key work-teams, which promote consistency of people management systems implemented in the organization.


We have created a network of companies that have chosen to start a development path of compromise, a two-way commitment, of the organization to people and of people to the organization, and to be recognized as socially committed companies. All of these companies, and many others that are joining this network, are working steadily on those factors, based on participation, making the commitment of people increase, seeking new ways, putting them into practice and sharing experiences and learning in joint forums. These are some of the members of this network: Ibarmia, Pascual Churruca, Jardinería Tecnatura, Okin, Urkabe-Benetan, Jegan, Grupo Pegamo...

PINE INSTALACIONES Y MONTAJES / SAN PATRICIO – Desarrollo de un sistema de Gestión por competencias

PINE INSTALACIONES Y MONTAJES / SAN PATRICIO - Developing a Competency Management System

These two very different service organizations have, with the help of OPE Consultants, developed and implemented a competency management system which clearly aligns purpose, scope, strategic and technical skills with the desired level of development, and the ideal system of evaluation and interviews, leading to a flexible, dynamic system which helps people to talk and generate development in “what really matters".

HIDRO RUBBER IBÉRICA – Apoyo a la gerencia y desarrollo del equipo directivo

HIDRO RUBBER IBÉRICA - Support of the management and development of the management team

There is an important differentiating factor in organizations: the management team. Its configuration, practices and strengths are key when developing and striving toward tough business objectives. OPE Consultants accompany the action of the management, contributing an outside global vision of the business, as well as setting up, developing and training the management team, putting into practice the basic innovative systems for team development.



OPE Consultants is the organization chosen by Euskalit to facilitate their processes of improvement, implementation and development of management of people. The experience of our organization in multiple implementation processes gives us a body of knowledge that is collated and worked on in various modules taught on Masters courses at the University of the Basque Country, the University of Navarra, and Adegi. Among other things, there are modules dealing with management of change, internal communications, competency management and performance evaluation, and team development at different levels.

INA RODISA – Diagnóstico de participación y Comunicación interna.

INA RODISA - Diagnosis of participation and internal communications

After an organizational diagnosis of participation, (OPE Consultants has developed dozens of these in all kinds of organizations), INA-Rodisa decided to engage our consultancy team in collaboration with Incress, to intervene in some of the priority areas that would generate credibility and trust: internal communications work and the development of leadership skills. The project developed a new communications system, relying on new technologies and internet platforms, enabling a higher level of communication and transparency, giving everyone a voice, encouraging participation and recognition. "A powerhouse of a project, about new ways of doing things".


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