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Success stories - Strategy

APA (Accident Prevention Association) - New Business Model

In this project, a new business model has been defined, in order to ensure the survival of the organization, taking into account future industry challenges related to legislative changes in this sector in recent years. The organization has also been adapted to respond to the new business model set. To achieve this, we have analyzed the starting point and proposed change projects to achieve the desired final situation, proposing a transitional model, so that the road ahead is more orderly and feasible. Within the identified projects, the organization has been supported in the development of the business plan. 

TXORIERRI VALLEY - Establishment of the Business Association

We took part in the establishment of the business association Txorierri Valley in 2013. In 2014, along with Onura, we participated in a cooperation project between Txorierri Valley, EGAZ Txorierri, Torrelarragoiti association and Meatzaldeko Behargintza in order to pursue new opportunities and customers in international markets for companies in Bizkaia. The project has been supported by the Department of Economic Development of the Provincial Council of BIzkaia and has successfully participated with a stand at the world's largest industrial fair, Hannover Messe 2014. More information about Txorierri Valley in: www.txorierrivalley.com 


Casos de éxito - Estrategia

CASA ARAMENDIA - Development of a new business model

This project sought from the outset to define a new business model in line with the ambitious new short-term targets of Casa Aramendia (a bakery / confectionery business). To this end, with the support of innovative methodologies for generating and developing new business, we identified new sources of custom, and the organization has been adapted to exploit them, including the sketching out of an action plan to be undertaken.


Casos de éxito - Estrategia

Buen Menú (Good Menu) Project 

Development of a collaborative project between companies. In late 2009, OPE Consultants launched a project that brought together the following companies: Angulas Aguinaga, Casa Eceiza, Conservas Serrats, Grupo Okin, Bodegas Elosegi and Aguas de Insalus, in the development of an innovative collaborative experience. Involving the management teams of all the companies, the project is going stronger than ever after two years in operation. "We develop the spirit of collaboration by collaborating!"


ELHUYAR - Defining the Business Model

Analysis, reconfiguration and optimization of the different business models of the Elhuyar Group so as to successfully combine the achievement of sustainable social goals with the development of activities oriented toward economic profitability.

ERAIKUNE – Cluster de la Construcción de Euskadi

Eraikune – Construction Cluster of the Basque Country

Eraikune, the Construction Cluster Association of the Basque Country, was established in May 2010 in collaboration with OPE Consultants,. In this project OPE has supported the regional Housing Commission in the setting up and launching of Eraikune, from defining the strategic and organizational framework of the Cluster to bringing it fully into effect with all its legal ramifications. Since the establishment of the Cluster, we have continued to support its managerial board through its initial stages.

AFM – Plan Estratégico

AFM - Strategic Plan

This project focused on reviewing the progress of the Strategic Plan by providing new updated guidance to our client, and establishing the exact nature of the strategic steps to be taken by the Cluster in the short and medium term.

GRUPO GUREAK – Estrategia Corporativa

GUREAK GROUP - Corporate Strategy

Defining the Gureak Group's corporate strategy, which determines their vision, values, lines of action and strategic objectives. Identifying strategic projects to be managed by the Group's Board of Directors, thus establishing a benchmark for the strategy and management plans of other divisions and business units.

Integración  ACC Comunicación - Dmacroweb

Integration: ACC Communication and DMacroWeb

Supporting ACC Communication, an advertising company, and DMacroWeb, specializing in creating websites with technology, in the process of integration. Support has focused on the definition of a strategic and organizational framework, followed by guidance in the integration of the two companies to create a single new company with the aim of improving competitiveness in the sector..

DFG - Integración Unión Farmacéutica Gipuzcoana - Guifarco

Integration: Pharmaceutical Union of Gipuzkoa and Guifarco

Proposal and implementation of strategic and operational planning, and collaboration in the integration of the two companies forming Gipuzkoa Pharmaceutical Distribution, in order to guarantee success in meeting the challenge of radical transformation in the sector.

ROAR - Revisión y nuevo diseño de plan estratégico y modelo organizativo

ROAR - Revision and new design of the strategic plan and of the organizational model 

Project meant for the development of a strategic and organizational integral reflexion, led by the ownership at all stages, from which projects transverse shift are derived, and conclude with a new management and organizational model. One of the most important result of this project was the launching and overseeing the process of generational change, identified in its development and has successfully materialized. 

GRUPO OKIN - Revisión y despliegue de la estrategia

GRUPO OKIN - Revision and Strategy Deployment

Preparation of the revision and strategic deployment for its brands Urkabe and Benetan (OKIN Group), watching internal (business model, business ratios, etc.) and external analysis (market trends), by involving the management team, and providing methodology tracking for strategic change projects.

DEBAGOIENAKO MANKOMUNITATEA - Red de colaboración interempresarial

DEBAGOIENAKO MANKOMUNITATEA - Intercompany Collaboration Network

Creation of collaborative network of 10 subsidiary companies in the region of Debagoiena to increase the competitiveness of its members. Some highlights elements of the project: group interest projects, branding and image of the network, defining the framework for collaboration and action plan to ensure the future operation of the network.


HOTEL PARMA - Strategic Plan

HOTEL PARMA - Strategic Plan

Definition of the strategic plan through a process of reflection that ensures the future sustainability of the Hotel Parma. The people working in the company took part in the definition what ensured a greater alignment of the people with the new future vision and achieving higher involvement and commitment.


AMASANDO - Collaboration between baking companies

Development of a collaborative project, fostering mutual understanding and building trust between Ogidonosti, Lekuna, Illargui and Sulabe to identify areas of joint interest, improving procurement processes, production and sale.







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